Let’s look at the facts

There was a Paul McCartney lookalike contest where the winner William Campbell had mysteriously disappeared and has not been heard from since the contest. It is said he under went surgery to become the Paul we know today.

There are hundreds of hidden clues within the bands albums indicating that Paul is dead. Just like the album that was mentioned in my previous blog.

In the album cover Sgt. Pepper the letters spell out BEATLESo, said the extra “o” at the end being a message “be at leso”. Leso was the name of an island they bought, could they have been inviting fans who figured it out to the island?

I ONE HE ◊ DIE, is on the drum of this album also. If “I ONE is 11…IX is roman for 9…you could look at this as “11 9 HE DIE” which works out to be November 9, He Die.

Wearing an OPP patch given to him while on tour in Canada, in the picture all you see is what looks like OPD, which in British police jargon means “Officially Pronounced Dead”

If you play the song Revolution 9 backwards you will hear the words…”Turn me on, dead man” being said.





Paul has many albums where there is a open palm hand placed over his head, this being an eastern symbol of death.

At the end of the song “I’m so tired” there is gibberish said, play that backwards you get “”Paul is dead now, miss him, miss him, miss him”

These are only a few of the hundreds of clues that can be found and all having reference to Paul. I just don’t see how you could consistently have that many indicators within the albums. I myself believe this is possible and could possibly some sort of satanic enjoyment for the group. It would of been catastrophic to the band when Paul died so what better to do then grab someone who looks and sounds like him to cover it up. There’s just so much you can gather and make plausible to the event for it not to be true.






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